About Us

Rockwell’s objective is to create a growth-oriented mid-tier diamond mining and development company. To meet this goal, the Company has an interest in several producing and exploration alluvial diamond properties in South Africa.

Rockwell’s focus
is on diamond value management by optimizing recovery and driving down unit costs that will provide shareholders with the potential for growth and added value.

Rockwell is engaged in the business of operating and developing alluvial diamond deposits, with a goal to become a mid-tier diamond producer. The Company’s operations in the Middle Orange River region are based on high throughput processing capability and the lowest unit costs in the industry, as a result of implementing state-of-the-art technologies. Rockwell also has a development project and a pipeline of earlier stage properties with future development potential.

The Company has a reputation for producing large, high quality gemstones as a major portion of its diamond recoveries; these are enhanced through a beneficiation joint venture enabling it to participate in the profits in the downstream sale of the polished diamonds.

Rockwell regularly evaluates consolidation opportunities that have the potential to expand its mineral resources and production profile and to provide accretive value to the Company.