Along with focused business objectives, Rockwell’s social responsibility values and commitments form an integral part of our operations. Rockwell is committed to providing increased returns to our shareholders while sharing the value created from our operations with a wider set of stakeholders through the alignment and linkage of our business and our social responsibilities

Policy statement

Rockwell believes in conducting business in a manner which achieves sustainable growth while demonstrating a high degree of social responsibility.

Our responsibility encompasses interaction with:

  • Our community and the environment in which we operate;
  • Our employees.

Demonstrating our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a journey, during which we aim to align our business values, purpose and strategy with the social and economic needs of our stakeholders, while embedding responsible and ethical business practices

Rockwell is committed to the following CSR principles:

  • We manage our business with pride and integrity;
  • We will continue to develop community programs which support our corporate and social values and further promote our recognition as an active contributor to local community development;
  • We will further develop our standing as a responsible business in the community;
  • We will continually benchmark and evaluate what we do in order to improve our CSR performance.