Social Responsibility

During the tenure of their mining operations Rockwell has made considerable financial and technical commitments to developing alluvial diamond mining operations in the Northern Cape Province of South Africa. The performance and development of human resources are critical to the long term development of successful mining operations and, consequently, Rockwell is highly cognizant of the need to develop a comprehensive, innovative, and sustainable SLP to achieve:

  • Creation of sustainable communities within the environment that the Company operates.
  • Infrastructure that will develop both mining operations and communities.
  • Lasting economic stability in the mining environment which will outlast mining operations.
  • Development of the human resources employed within the Company via training and skills transfer.
  • Development of the human resources within the adjacent communities.
  • Empowerment of employees to achieve ownership in the Company and other businesses.

Sustainable local economic development (LED) requirements with the emphasis on addressing the Integrated Development Programmes (IDP’s) of local Municipalities and meeting the needs of those Communities most directly impacted by mining operations including:

  • Infrastructure development projects such as roads, schools and clinics.
  • Community housing projects.
  • Creation of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMME)
  • The alleviation of poverty
  • Planning for Closure including creation of a Future Forum.

New next five year projects chosen with Siyacuma Municipality

This projects will be funded from the proceeds Diamond Sales of Saxendrift Mine (Pty) Ltd, the holder of Mining Rights in the Middel Orange, Northern Cape Region; Mining Right NC 144 MR, NC 14 MR, NC 279 MR

Project Description
Recycling Project on landfill and in town
Paving Project for the community
Community Creche Outreach School
Vaal Oranje Primary (Brypaal) School Food Scheme for 6 months of the year
Internet Café at
Brypaal Library
Bongani Library
Soupkitchen Bongani
Douglas Hoerskool garden project
Vegetable Tunnel Project
Grading of Soccer Fields
Water Channel in Bongani
Confluence Vaal and Orange
Upgrading of Roads Signs and names

We will maintain our commitment to invest in community programmes, ensuring that our host communities share in the success of the mine through responsible social performance:

  • Enabling smarter mining through training;
  • Mitigating the risk of interruptions to our business through community goodwill;
  • Facilitating regulatory approvals; and
  • Enhancinh our reputation as a responsible, caring and preferred corporate citizen.