Wouterspan Location

The Wouterspan Property is located near Douglas, South Africa. It comprises portions of the Lanyon Vale 376 farm, totalling 7,409.4 hectares.


Historically, mining operations were carried out on three portions of the property called the Farhom, Okapi, and Stofdraai farms, exploiting the Rooikoppie and Primary gravel.

The Wouterspan properties were prospected and mined since 2005, initially by professional diggers (alluvial miners) and, subsequently, by Rockwell (in 2007/8). The Wouterspan mine was put on Care & Maintenance at the end of November 2008, as a result of international economic conditions and the declining diamond price.

Following Rockwell’s decision in 2015 to bring Wouterspan back into production, extensive pitting has been carried out on the Rooikoppie gravels to determine their thickness and nature.

A re-sampling programme has been initiated as part of the current re-evaluation of Wouterspan. Sample sizes are not yet sufficiently large or representative to support a Diamond/Mineral Resource Classification. As a result, no Diamond/Mineral Resource have yet been estimated for Wouterspan.

Geological setting and mineralization

The geological setting of Wouterspan is an alluvial diamond deposit preserved in fluvial-alluvial palaeochannel and deflation gravels (Rooikoppie) in Vaal
 River terraces. The property has extensive diamond deposits and has historically produced diamonds that are similar to Saxendrift in terms of size, quality and value.

Download the Technical Reports

Technical Report on the Wouterspan Alluvial Diamond Project (February 2017)
Wouterspan Resource Summary July 2013
Technical Report on the Wouterspan Alluvial Diamond Mine